Friday, March 16, 2018

Smiles, blossoms and relaxation

Friend Laura's dog Mac - who clearly loves her very much.  And it was a special treat for him, to walk with us at the park without his very boisterous younger sis.  

The blooming Bradford Pear tree at the library.  I was parked underneath it and went home with little white blossoms on my car.

A water main line broke in my county a few days ago and we were under a boil water advisory, which affected local businesses.  My favorite neighborhood pub had to use plastic ware while that was going on.  I didn't mind and enjoyed the view of my village's main street while waiting for a friend.  The plastic cup reminded me of college days and Mardi Gras.  :)  

It's Friday!  Yay.  I hope you have a great weekend.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Good Things Happened: Zen Garden and along the way

The new job has me working in an area that used to be reception (they are running out of room, I think.)  These are my new office mates in the fish tank that is to my back.  I'm calling it working in The Zen Garden.  :)

I used to love to walk at Tanyard Creek Park near my office, but stopped walking there when I hurt my knee (since mostly recovered).  So since it's been two years since my last visit, I headed over there last Saturday morning, having another errand in that area.  The Lenten Roses beside the creek are in bloom, right on time.

There was so much activity in the park.  I encountered two photo shoots during my hour walk, one was a woman doing some sort of spoken word for the camera, and the other was the woman on the right, above, who was changing poses like a fashion model.  Cute.  :)  And I realized when I downloaded the photo, that I also captured a woman comforting a boy, there on the left.  So sweet.


I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Good Things Happened - Saturday in the park

Friend Laura and I had just finished our walk at Mountain Park Park last Saturday, when her friend who fosters dogs stopped to chat.  I looked down and one of them was standing at attention on his hind legs, without moving.  "He wants to be petted." she said.  And so we did.

A little boy was hanging out with his father, waiting for the ball field to open.  I smiled at the wee one on my first pass by.  On our second pass, he approached and said he had picked this bloom for me. 

It's been gloomy here for days (and strangely warm), so that's why this photo from the drive thru at Starbucks isn't more bright than it is.  The cherry trees are blooming already!

Here's something not to be gloomy about - it's Friday!  Yay.  I hope your weekend is amazing, my friends.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Good Things Happened: The Present, past and future

The owner of the printing company at which I've worked for 10 years has hobby printing presses in the basement of his home and loves to print items using the letterpress technique.  The lovely thought on the card pictured above was something he printed and has been propped on a file cabinet outside my cubicle for a couple of years.  I asked him if I could have it, when I was packing up my stuff on my last day there on Wednesday.  

A printing company down the street bought the "book of business" and four of us have moved with it, beginning yesterday.  (Yet another first day - oh my - but it was fine.)  I was a two-cubicle girl at the old place.  This was my account manager cube, all cleaned out.  I took the chair with me (with permission, of course.)

Bruce and Kathy opened the business in 1981.  He had already been in the printing business for 14 years.  They are retiring, but will spend the next couple of months finalizing the closing of the business, where 51,216 printing jobs were processed.  It's bittersweet, but we are all beginning a new chapter in our lives as we celebrate The Present.

Have a lovely weekend, y'all!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Blue morning, spooky and aglow

The moon has just been beautiful this week.  Here it is this morning, in the dawn's early light, in the Upper West Side.  It rained during the night, so everything smelled crisp and new on this blue morning.

Last night I stood at my front door and saw it peeking through.  It looks so spooky when changed to the black and white "NOIR" setting in my iPhone filters.

The Blood Moon eclipse had just started when I was leaving for work on Wednesday morning.  I took this grainy shot of it while waiting at a light during my commute - about 6:45am. 

And when I got to work, about 40 minutes later, the sky was all aglow.  I love the early morning!  If I can't sleep in, it might as well be beautiful. :)

I hope the weekend is good to you, my friends!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Good Things Happened: Early morning, crisp and rare treat

Things have been quiet here, which I never mind.  So here are three random good things from the past few days:

 An early morning visit to the dry cleaners before work.  The sky was so gorgeous.  I love this time of morning, right before things get crazy.

The crisp beauty of the red and white flowers on these plants at my work place (not sure what they are.) 

When I was traveling with my family a few weeks ago, during one of the airport stops, niece Abby said, "I wish I had a fountain drink as big as my head."  We agreed there is just nothing like a Diet Coke from a fountain (a rare treat for me, since I don't think it's good for you.)  So this is the photo I texted her last Saturday, when I was out and about and especially thirsty, with the caption, "So I got a fountain drink as big as my head."  :)  

I hope your weekend is full of delight, my friends!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Good Things Happened: snow day, foot prints, and inside

Another weather event in Atlanta.  I posted an almost identical photo like this in mid-December.  It's what I do on the rare snow days:  stand at the front door, take a photo, and send it to everyone.  This one seems a bit more somber, but it was quiet and beautiful at 7am on Wednesday morning.

Neighbor Mike had to go to work in spite of treacherous road conditions - I loved the image of the foot prints down below.  We Southerners just don't travel well on snow and ice.  We try, but it often ends in mishaps.

My outdoor potted plants have been inside since last Friday evening.  It's been below freezing every day since then, but the geranium seems to love it and has graced me with a blossom.  A warm up is in sight.  The jungle can go outside on Sunday.  

I hope your weekend is full of warmth and light, my friends!